Business Vehicle Leasing

Business vehicle leasing; a tax benefit with additional benefits

As is always the case with tax time, businesses are looking to take advantage of the benefits available to them and make major purchases. Vehicles are often high on the agenda, as a major asset purchase for the business, but with stock being in short supply now, the process can be more difficult than normal to source the right vehicle.

To avoid complications from stock shortages, you’ll want to get moving on the vehicle purchase soon, and many business owners are going to find business vehicle leasing a compelling option this tax season. Not just because it simplifies the payment of the vehicle, but business owners are going to benefit from working with experts that are going to help them find the ideal vehicle for their needs.

It’s more than an instant asset write off

Avenyou has partnered with Suttons to make financing a vehicle through a business seamless. Suttons’ extensive range of vehicles from 20 manufactures across cars and trucks assists customers with sidestepping any shortages with specific models. Where a particular vehicle from one manufacturer is not available, the Suttons team will be able to recommend an equivalent that meets your needs, meaning that you are not waiting on a restock for this critical business asset.

The financing and management is then handled by the Avenyou team, meaning that the small business not only benefits from gaining access to the vehicle but, additionally, then having repayments handled through a single monthly bill.

Leverage business vehicle leasing to take your business to the next level

The Avenyou and Suttons partnership is particularly beneficial to businesses that need to make multiple purchases, or customise their car or truck. Increasingly, small businesses are specialised, and looking to offer their customers unique solutions and products. The delivery of these products and solutions often requires custom equipment and installation, and this is where business vehicle leasing can be of great benefit.

From the installation of shelves or storage spaces, customising a vehicle can be expensive and time consuming, requiring that you source the right materials and the experts to properly install them. The Avenyou and Suttons partnership is a full, solutions-driven service that means we take the legwork out of such projects. Our business vehicle leasing service engages Suttons to find the specialised contractors and equipment fits to tailor the vehicle the way that you need it to be tailored, while again providing simplicity through Avenyou in consolidating the bill to one monthly repayment.

Don’t put off asset purchases this tax time

The instant asset write off of motor vehicles is just one benefit that small businesses can enjoy from engaging Avenyou and Suttons. Our expertise in solutions development will benefit your business by sourcing equipment that is ideally suited to your business goals and needs.

Contact Avenyou today to discuss your vehicle needs. With supply currently in short supply, don’t wait on this: contact us now to be sure to get your purchases done in time for tax time.

As all businesses have different taxation circumstances you should consult with your taxation adviser regarding your eligibility for any potential deductions or asset write offs.

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