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I really valued the ability to explain the product to me in ‘laymen’s language and answer the same questions from me without getting tired of them. Your prompt response and ability to understand my situation was important to me.

Phillipa Ardlie

Avenyou were able to explain it all to me easily and clearly as it was my first time buying a home. I had zero prior knowledge so this was very important to me.

Laura Carr

Very responsive, explained everything very clearly, and always happy to answer any questions.

Megan Stuart

I can’t express how impressed I am with your services. You have definitely exceeded my expectations especially since you were always transparent, professional, and calm in your approach. In the end, you were able to facilitate finance for a complex and stressful investment property purchase. You definitely made this process easier with your high level of support and genuine care. I’m very grateful for all your hard work and efforts.

Michelle Hopkinson

Taking us through the contracts before we signed them and not rushing us was really appreciated. Also, the information about bonus payments for each option presented to us was so transparent which was really appreciated.

Nicole Swanson

Avenyou’s communication, and delivery of the loan request from start-to-finish was amazing.

Blake Hibbert

Just good all round honest service. At the end of the process it all went very well and smooth from start to finish,

Brent Hardie

Avenyou provide personal follow through and making sure all of our many questions were answered. We felt a lot of trust from a previous experience and again the team did a great job the second time around.

Karen Verguizas

Avenyou make the process with the Bank approval so straightforward. There is clearly a lot involved but I felt like you were across what was required and managed the complexities.

Lisa Colley

The online portals that help streamline the application process/data transfer were excellent.

Matthew Nugent

Very knowledgeable and our broker always made himself available to chat through any issues or questions we had.

Nicholas Story

What stood out was the willingness to spend the time required to understand our current situation and our needs/goals, and the ability to quickly understand the nuances of our particular situation.

Ian Misfield

SMSF lending

Lending within a SMSF is considered to be one of the most complex forms of lending in the market. It is highly regulated and requires specialist advice from accountants, financial advisors and finance brokers to ensure proposed structures and solutions are correct. SMSF lending can be an ideal option when purchasing a commercial or residential property as an investment or for business premises. Avenyou’s finance solutions team will provide the advice and expertise you need to get the best possible outcome.

Expat lending

Arranging finance when you’re living and working abroad can sometimes be challenging. This is often due to existing lenders’ lack of understanding of the complexities of the expat lending environment and can result in less than favourable lending terms and borrowing capacity. Our team will provide the specialist advice you need. We take into account all relevant factors such as foreign exchange rates, country of residence and available equity in the property to develop a comprehensive wealth management solution tailored for Australian expats.

Reverse mortgages

A personally rewarding retirement means something different to each individual. What’s clear however is the difference that financial flexibility and independence can make. If much of your wealth is tied up in your home, a reverse mortgage can enable you to use some of that wealth to live more comfortably, without having to sell your home. Whether you want to make home improvements, consolidate debt, pay for medical procedures, upgrade your car, assist with in-home care, aged care deposit bond or spend more time travelling – the reverse mortgage can provide a better retirement.

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