Your business is growing fast, with wins on a number of highly contested new contracts. While that’s great news, you’ll need to bring on additional senior consultants to deliver the work. And that’s a real stretch for the available funding. Fortunately with the business plan created with Avenyou already in place, successfully obtaining an overdraft facility with a major lender won’t be a problem. At Avenyou, we have the direct commercial experience and positive team culture that delivers financial solutions fast.


After years of planning you’re taking the leap and committing 100% to your start-up. It’s exciting but there are challenges. Self-funding has got you to launch, but when you need to lease equipment, and employ staff, working capital can be a big concern. At Avenyou we believe in working with you to set your business up for success - right from the start. With the correct structure to protect your investment, and support growth, you can be even more confident of achieving your dream.


When it’s all about family and the values you share, the approach to financial security needs to reflect those values. At Avenyou, we make it a priority to spend time with you, building trust, and understanding what matters most to you. Our ethos to ‘always do right by our clients’ has led to lasting relationships over multiple generations. We believe this is because of the genuine commitment we bring, and the balance of continuity with fresh thinking that creates opportunity for the future.


The vision you started out with – for the business, the family and the lifestyle you wanted, just got stronger as it all became a reality. And now you’ve got the flexibility and freedom you love. At Avenyou, we believe staying true to your vision is the most important thing. It’s our genuine interest in you, plus the smart decisions you make along the way, like maintaining your SMSF, and consistent good advice that turns a fulfilling life into a rewarding retirement.

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