When you need equipment for your business, asset finance is the answer.

Equipment Finance

When you need to invest in equipment, machinery or vehicles for your business, or to release cash from the value of assets you already own, asset finance is the answer. This is a specialist facility that can apply to almost anything your business needs, and with a wide range of lender options in the market, experienced advice is crucial to making the best decision for your business. Our team can advise on asset finance including investment in machinery, vehicles, manufacturing equipment, solar, medical equipment and IT.

Asset Finance and Leasing can give your business the edge.

Businesses in all sectors of the economy from construction and trades to biotech and logistics depend on the quality and performance of their core equipment to deliver the service their customers expect. Maintaining these key assets and staying current with fast-changing technology is a critical and costly concern to business owners and executives.

Whether you need to invest in advanced robotics or specialised information technology, innovative energy solutions or upgrade the vehicle fleet, the ability to make timely decisions can make all the difference to how the business performs.

Asset finance and leasing is often the preferred finance solution for growing businesses, providing immediate access to new equipment while avoiding significant upfront costs.

When it comes to asset finance and lending the Avenyou team’s knowledge and experience are second to none. Our team of specialists are genuinely interested in your business and is known for identifying the growth-focused solutions that serve our client’s long-term goals.

Asset finance and leasing – how it works for you.

When you need to invest in equipment, machinery or vehicles or release cash from the value of assets you already own, asset finance is the answer. This specialist facility can apply to almost anything your business needs, and with a wide range of lender options in the market experienced advice is crucial.

As your business finance broker, Avenyou will deliver the finance solution that’s right for your business. You’ll appreciate fast access to the equipment you need, financed through regular payments over an agreed timeframe.

Asset finance works just like a secured loan.

Your business will purchase and own the asset, which the finance company will use as security, using the commonly established structure of a chattel mortgage.

Hire purchase can be the best option.

For some businesses hire purchase can be the preferred asset finance option. The finance company will purchase the asset on your behalf, using the structure of a hire purchase facility. Your business makes regular payments over an agreed timeframe. Ownership remains with the finance company until the final installment is paid when ownership of the asset transfers to your business.

Leasing can provide greater flexibility.

Leasing can be the simpler solution for many businesses, particularly when the equipment isn’t needed for its entire working life. The finance company will purchase the equipment and retain ownership. Your business then leases the equipment for the period of time you require. This solution provides the flexibility that many businesses need and has the added advantage of shifting the cost of equipment from capital to operational expenditure.

Asset finance and leasing is the smart approach.

When your business needs to stay ahead of the trend curve to maintain competitive advantage, access to vital new equipment and machinery can’t wait. Asset financing and leasing is the forward-thinking agile approach, that will enable your business to keep up with rapidly changing technology and product innovation, without the burden of managing the entire equipment lifecycle. Get the new equipment you need when you need it most, with asset finance and leasing.

Avenyou will identify the solution that’s best for your business.

We understand that every business is unique. That’s why the experienced team at Avenyou take a genuine interest in our client’s business, to ensure we know what matters most to you. Through an understanding of your goals, challenges and opportunities, we’ll work with you to define the specific business finance solution that’s right for you, and our expertise as brokers will make sure it’s the best deal too.

Equipment Finance that meets your growing business needs.

Avenyou can help you identify the best financing solutions for your business. Request a call-back today.

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I really valued the ability to explain the product to me in ‘laymen’s language and answer the same questions from me without getting tired of them. Your prompt response and ability to understand my situation was important to me.

Phillipa Ardlie

Avenyou were able to explain it all to me easily and clearly as it was my first time buying a home. I had zero prior knowledge so this was very important to me.

Laura Carr

Very responsive, explained everything very clearly, and always happy to answer any questions.

Megan Stuart

I can’t express how impressed I am with your services. You have definitely exceeded my expectations especially since you were always transparent, professional, and calm in your approach. In the end, you were able to facilitate finance for a complex and stressful investment property purchase. You definitely made this process easier with your high level of support and genuine care. I’m very grateful for all your hard work and efforts.

Michelle Hopkinson

Taking us through the contracts before we signed them and not rushing us was really appreciated. Also, the information about bonus payments for each option presented to us was so transparent which was really appreciated.

Nicole Swanson

Avenyou’s communication, and delivery of the loan request from start-to-finish was amazing.

Blake Hibbert

Just good all round honest service. At the end of the process it all went very well and smooth from start to finish,

Brent Hardie

Avenyou provide personal follow through and making sure all of our many questions were answered. We felt a lot of trust from a previous experience and again the team did a great job the second time around.

Karen Verguizas

Avenyou make the process with the Bank approval so straightforward. There is clearly a lot involved but I felt like you were across what was required and managed the complexities.

Lisa Colley

The online portals that help streamline the application process/data transfer were excellent.

Matthew Nugent

Very knowledgeable and our broker always made himself available to chat through any issues or questions we had.

Nicholas Story

What stood out was the willingness to spend the time required to understand our current situation and our needs/goals, and the ability to quickly understand the nuances of our particular situation.

Ian Misfield

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