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For so many of us, equipment is key to the health of our business. The range of equipment that businesses need is vast and depends entirely on the nature of the business, but these assets can be anything from trucks, boats, and machinery through to specialised IT devices, robotics, medical equipment and power solutions. Without this equipment the business can’t operate, but it also represents a significant up-front cost, and that’s before the equipment is generating cashflow.

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One of the major assets that any business will want to own are vehicles. Whether it’s transporting staff around, or providing customers with a service, vehicles are an essential tool, but also one that presents a challenge, particularly for smaller businesses; they can pose a big up-front cost to the business. That’s where business vehicle leasing comes in.

Financing a vehicle through a business is a cost-effective, practical way for the business to gain access to the benefits that the vehicle provides, now, without impacting on your cash flow or – if a vehicle needs to be replaced or purchased suddenly – hitting your business with a large, unexpected cost.

The benefits of business vehicle leasing

Financing a vehicle through a business is an appealing option for many business leaders for these benefits that it provides:

  1. It eliminates unexpected costs, frees up capital, and improves the cash flow.
  2. It gives the business access to an additional line of credit and financial support service to the business – this is particularly useful if future purchases are expected.
  3. It avoids the accounting headaches of asset depreciation, allowing the business to use the vehicle without needing to worry about that.

What is the benefit of this over, say, taking out a loan to pay for a vehicle? It’s tied up in the ownership of the vehicle. With business vehicle leasing, the lender owns the asset for the duration of the lease. This means that it appears on their books, and they are responsible for any risks involved with it. It’s only once the lease is up that the risk and disposal of the asset shifts to your business.

In short, financing a vehicle through a business is about flexibility and control. It gives you immediate access to those essential pieces of equipment, such as vehicles, while not disrupting your business in any other way.

The Avenyou touch

Avenyou has a long heritage in assisting businesses of all sizes with their business vehicle leasing needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to become more than a provider of finance to our customers, but a genuine “value add” and partner to their needs. Our goal is always to help you to find the right solution and source of finance for your equipment purchases.

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About asset finance

Asset Finance is a specialised financing solution for business.

Investment in the purchase or leasing of new equipment, machinery, vehicles or technology can at times be essential to ongoing business success.
Asset finance can enable the timely investment your business needs to support growth and expansion, upgrade equipment, expand the vehicle fleet, modernise facilities, adopt new technologies, or respond to changing customer demands. Asset finance is a business solution designed to meet your specific needs.

Why should I consider asset finance and leasing solutions?

In addition to that shift from CapEx to OpEx, asset financing helps businesses become nimble. As equipment ages, it is inevitably superseded with newer technology and innovations, and staying on top of those trends when you’re trying to manage equipment over a lifecycle can be challenging, leaving your business open to disruption. The flexibility of asset finance and leasing solutions will help your business stay on top of the curve (and the competition).

Why make Avenyou your business finance brokers?

At Avenyou, we are a consultative partner with each of our clients and in addition to asset finance and leasing, we offer other business finance solutions. These include working capital finance and funding for the acquisition of a business premises. Avenyou’s experience and expertise has meant that we’ve become the partner of choice for a wide range of customers, in industries such as transport, construction, and tradies. Avenyou has a team of business finance brokers that take the time to get to know the business, its needs, and how it leverages assets. Our business finance brokers will be able to offer you expert advice to assist with your business growth, along with a long-term relationship. Rather than try to find the money to purchase equipment up-front, why not work with us to turn financing into a competitive advantage, getting you up and running sooner and more sustainably? Contact us on +61 2 9112 4344 to talk to one of our business finance brokers about assisting you with your asset financing and leasing needs.

Make the best decision for your business

When you need to invest in equipment, machinery or vehicles for your business, or to release cash from the value of assets you already own, asset finance is the answer. Business equipment financing is a specialist facility that can apply to almost anything your business needs, and with a wide range of lender options in the market, experienced advice is crucial to making the best decision for your business. Asset finance loans can apply to a wide range of investments – from machinery, vehicles, manufacturing equipment, solar, medical equipment, technology and IT.

Get the experienced advice you need

When you need finance to purchase or lease operating equipment for your business, our team of specialists are genuinely interested in your future goals, and will identify the finance solution that will serve you best. Our expertise in asset finance has helped clients overcome challenges, take advantage of opportunities and find solutions that meet their needs.

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