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For so many of us, equipment is key to the health of our business. The range of equipment that businesses need is vast and depends entirely on the nature of the business, but these assets can be anything from trucks, boats, and machinery through to specialised IT devices, robotics, medical equipment and power solutions. Without this equipment the business can’t operate, but it also represents a significant up-front cost, and that’s before the equipment is generating cashflow.

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Every modern business lives on the health of its machinery. At the same time, machinery can be a big, upfront cost, and we rarely can prepare for those purchases. Equipment breaks down, or an urgent need to purchase some machinery comes up as the business grows and seeks out new opportunities. Rather than try and finance the entire cost of the machine up-front, Avenyou’s machinery finance solution is the best option for business owners to gain access to right lenders to get them the equipment that they need quickly.

Whether it’s a vehicle, tractor, factory robotics, medical equipment or that all-important coffee machine for a café, Avenyou machinery and equipment financing solutions help you to enhance your cash flow without the up-front expense.

How Avenyou machinery and equipment financing works

It’s quite simple – asset finance works just like a secured loan. You find the right machinery solution for your business needs, and Avenyou then finds the lending partner best suited to your business, who will then use that same asset as the security on the loan. You own the asset, and the lender that Avenyou finds provides the loan. This chattel mortgage finance option is a common solution for machinery and equipment financing, and allows you to start generating income through your equipment immediately, while still owning the equipment and repaying the loan in steady, predictable repayments over the lifespan of the machine.

Are there other options?

Absolutely! Perhaps you don’t need the equipment for its entire working life – perhaps one particular project calls for a machine, but you’re not anticipating needing it after a couple of years. In those circumstances, leasing or renting might be the machinery finance solution that better meets your needs. Through leasing, the lender that Avenyou finds for you will purchase the machine and retain ownership, and your business leases the equipment for only as long as it’s needed. This shifts the cost of the equipment from CapEx to OpEx in its entirety, saving you the need to manage lifecycles and, if new machines come to market that provide a greater solution, you can rapidly shift to using the best equipment available.

This solution is also ideal for those times you need equipment, but it has a useful lifespan before it’ll need upgrading – most computer purchases, for example. Through this system, at the end of the lifespan of the product, the lender can take responsibility for the disposal, and you can take out a new contract on newer machines.

We’re the best machinery finance solution for your business

Every business is unique, and that is why we offer a variety of solutions designed to meet your specific needs. The experienced team at Avenyou take a genuine interest in our client’s business, and that’s how we find the right lenders. Our goal is always to understand your goals, challenges and opportunities, and then work with you to find the specific machinery and equipment financing solution that will help your business grow and thrive.

Don’t let your business go without critical machinery when you can have it generating income today! Contact the specialist business finance brokers at Avenyou on 1300 459 122.

About asset finance

Asset Finance is a specialised financing solution for business.

Investment in the purchase or leasing of new equipment, machinery, vehicles or technology can at times be essential to ongoing business success.
Asset finance can enable the timely investment your business needs to support growth and expansion, upgrade equipment, expand the vehicle fleet, modernise facilities, adopt new technologies, or respond to changing customer demands. Asset finance is a business solution designed to meet your specific needs.

Why should I consider asset finance and leasing solutions?

In addition to that shift from CapEx to OpEx, asset financing helps businesses become nimble. As equipment ages, it is inevitably superseded with newer technology and innovations, and staying on top of those trends when you’re trying to manage equipment over a lifecycle can be challenging, leaving your business open to disruption. The flexibility of asset finance and leasing solutions will help your business stay on top of the curve (and the competition).

Why make Avenyou your business finance brokers?

At Avenyou, we are a consultative partner with each of our clients and in addition to asset finance and leasing, we offer other business finance solutions. These include working capital finance and funding for the acquisition of a business premises. Avenyou’s experience and expertise has meant that we’ve become the partner of choice for a wide range of customers, in industries such as transport, construction, and tradies. Avenyou has a team of business finance brokers that take the time to get to know the business, its needs, and how it leverages assets. Our business finance brokers will be able to offer you expert advice to assist with your business growth, along with a long-term relationship. Rather than try to find the money to purchase equipment up-front, why not work with us to turn financing into a competitive advantage, getting you up and running sooner and more sustainably? Contact us on +61 2 9112 4344 to talk to one of our business finance brokers about assisting you with your asset financing and leasing needs.

Make the best decision for your business

When you need to invest in equipment, machinery or vehicles for your business, or to release cash from the value of assets you already own, asset finance is the answer. Business equipment financing is a specialist facility that can apply to almost anything your business needs, and with a wide range of lender options in the market, experienced advice is crucial to making the best decision for your business. Asset finance loans can apply to a wide range of investments – from machinery, vehicles, manufacturing equipment, solar, medical equipment, technology and IT.

Get the experienced advice you need

When you need finance to purchase or lease operating equipment for your business, our team of specialists are genuinely interested in your future goals, and will identify the finance solution that will serve you best. Our expertise in asset finance has helped clients overcome challenges, take advantage of opportunities and find solutions that meet their needs.

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